Top 5 Tips for 1911 Concealed Carry

Top 5 Tips For 1911 Concealed Carry

A full-size steel frame 1911 handgun with an 8-round magazine weighs around 2.5 pounds. This can be a lot of weight to carry around all day. The same applies to an aluminum frame 1911 which weighs about half the steel frame. The 1911 handguns are not just heavy but also long. This makes carrying them a little challenging.

However, carrying 1911 is not difficult when you have a concealed carry holster. While the gun is heavy, long, and doesn’t hold many bullets, it still has its pros. Most experts agree 1911 is not the gun for experts. Well, 1911 is the preferred choice for most top-level competitive shooting. Carrying this handgun does require some dedication and commitment.

This is your type of gun to throw in a holster and walk out. Choosing the best 1911 holster might seem like a no-brainer. However, there is a lot of adjustment and know-how before you can carry the gun safely. Below we discuss some important tips for a 1911 concealed carry

Invest in a quality 1911 Inside-the-waistband (IWB) Holster

1911 iwb holster is by far the most comfortable and concealable way to carry 1911.  This holster gets up to three-quarters of the gun tucked inside the pants. All that one needs to do is untuck their shirts to have complete concealment. This is by far the best way for a concealed 1911 carry. Despite 1911 being such a big gun to tuck in the waistband, the IWB holster naturally conceals the gun. While the gun is a little heavy, you can improve the experience by investing in a quality belt.

For comfortable IWB holster concealment, you need a proper selection of the IWB holster. This is then combined with better placement and dressing to achieve 100% concealment. Here are some points to consider on the ideal IWB holster:

  • Consider holsters with a sweat shield to prevent feeling the grip and hammer safety all-day
  • Choose holsters that are canted to prevent imprint of the mainspring housing
  • Choose quality belt clips that spread the weight evenly
  • Generally, an IWB holster for 1911 concealed carry makes it a lot easier to carry the 1911 pistol.

For anything related to IWB holster, you could check out this post for the best IWB holster suggested by HolsterAddict.

1911 OWB Holster

The 1911 OWB holster is another classic concealed carry for the 1911 but a tricky one that requires careful selection. Since the gun is on the outside of the waistband, you need more cloth layers than a simple shirt. Actually, a thick and long jacket must be worn at all times to provide 100% concealment and hideaway imprints. When picking an OWB holster, there are two factors one must consider. First, the gun must ride high enough so as to stay close to the body and become easy to conceal. Secondly, the holster must be comfortable enough to carry all day.

Consider an OWB holster that rides high to the belt and stays close to the body. Some of the common materials for the OWB holster include old-school leather, hard polymer, and hybrid designs. You need to have the bottom edge of the muzzle not extending past the top of the pant pockets.

1911 Shoulder Holster

 A shoulder holster is another classic choice for a concealed 1911. In fact, the 1911 pistol is arguably one of the best guns to use with shoulder holsters. A vertical orientation if the 1911 hugging close to the body conceals easily with just a few layers of clothing. This holster is convenient and can conceal perfectly even with unbuttoned jackets.

Choosing a 1911 shoulder holster should be done carefully to ensure comfortable carrying. Consider shoulder holsters that support vertical carrying. In addition, the shoulder holster must feature belt hooks to snug the belt close to the body. Lastly, make sure the shoulder holster supports even weight distribution. You don’t want to abandon your shoulder holster because of discomfort when using it.

1911 Concealed Carry Requires Lubrication

As we noted earlier, a concealed 1911 carry is not for casuals. If you’re going to carry the gun around, then you need to take proper care of the gun. This is true since the metal frame will rub on metal and have materials shaving away. While cleaning is important for excellent operation, lubrication of 1911 is far more essential. Any alloy or steel frame pistol require frequent lubrication for excellent results.

 In fact, the best way is to over-lubricate the 1911 pistols and wipe away the excess lube.

Practice the Effectiveness of a 1911 Concealed Carry

The 1911 demands that the user puts necessary practice to master quick withdrawal and maintain correct muscle memory for easy operation. This is why this gun is considered an expert gun and not one for casuals. You need to learn how to deactivate the thumb and grip the pistol correctly.

The reason for carrying the 1911 in the first place is for self-defense. You need to practice and be able to master using it under stress. Carrying a concealed 1911 requires a lot of practicing on your part.

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